Chaplaincy at Cardinal Allen is absolutely fundamental to the life and wellbeing of the school community. It contributes towards the development of the school as a Christian community by the spiritual and pastoral care of students, staff and families. We are fortunate at Cardinal Allen to have an outstanding Chaplaincy Coordinator in addition to the support of our Deanery Priests and Deacons, whose role it is to plan and lead the liturgical life of the school community. The Chaplaincy team is here to share and celebrate in the joys of life and the Gospel, but also to support our community in times of need.

Chaplaincy Groups

At Cardinal Allen, we acknowledge that we are part of a wider community and are keen to foster and develop links between our local schools and Parishes. Our Chaplaincy groups enjoy visiting our Parishes and partner primary schools to deliver assemblies and workshops. We have a leading role in the Deanery Advent Service which moves between Parishes each year and we celebrate Youth Sunday in one of our local Parishes on the Feast of Christ the King. We invite members of our local community to join us for Mass each Friday morning, and are keen to support the life of our local schools and parishes in any way that we can.

Our most recent Diocesan Section 48 Inspection (2017) noted, ‘Students are encouraged to develop their considerable gifts and talents and to be of service to others; the way in which they do this, is at times, inspirational.’