Beacon Fell Snake Sculpture

For some time pupils from Cardinal Allen have been busy fundraising and supporting the renovation of the "Walking Snake" a sculpture created by Thompson Dagnall on Beacon Fell.  The sculpture was originally made of wood in 1998 and after years of people walking on the tail and exposure to the elements, the snake had started to rot and fall apart.  On a visit to the Beacon Fell, some of our students were very sad to see the state of the snake and with the support of Mr Harding set about supporting the renovation of the sculpture.

Image result for thompson dagnall snake

Years after the original snake was created Thompson Dagnall has returned to create the snake, this time in stone.  Recently, BBC Radio Lancashire visited the site and interviewed Thompson Dagnall, students of Cardinal Allen and Mr Harding.  The news report can be heard below.

BBC Radio Lancashire News Report

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