Our Catholic Life

Chaplaincy at Cardinal Allen isn’t an exclusive club, it is something that weaves throughout every aspect of school life for every individual person. At Cardinal Allen, we have a full time School Chaplain, Sarah, who works to communicate the Christian message of love and service, and values of justice, acceptance, tolerance, respect, and friendship to all members of our community. Sarah’s office is open to all for a quiet word or informal chat! 

Prayer, liturgy and collective worship are an integral part of our school identity. The school day begins and ends with the Sign of the Cross, with time for prayer and reflection during Form Time, and in Hall and Chapel Assemblies. Each member of the school community is unique in his or her spiritual needs, faith development, interests and motivation, and as a school, we are committed to ensure everyone has the opportunity to know, love and serve God in their own way. This time to pause, for quiet reflection, is a real gift for both our staff and students in our increasingly loud and busy lives. We are all encouraged to take the time to both reflect on ourselves as people, but also to look outwards – to the world outside of Fleetwood, and their place in it. We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our pupils when it comes to Charity and Fundraising, most recently having supported the local Food and Baby Banks here in Fleetwood. 

Our school Chapel is, in all ways, at the heart of Cardinal Allen. Members of our school community are always welcome to sit in the peace and calm sanctuary whenever they need. We are fortunate to be able to welcome our local priests into school weekly to celebrate Mass. The Catholic Life of our School is something to celebrate, and gathering together as a school community for Mass, whether as a small group in the Chapel, or a whole school in the Sports Hall, is a wonderful way to do so.

Prayer and Liturgy - Revised December 2023