Learning Support

The aim of the Learning Support Department is to ensure that every pupil at Cardinal Allen is included in every aspect of school life.

Inclusion for all

The aim of the Learning Support Department is to ensure that every pupil at Cardinal Allen is included in every aspect of school life. In line with the SEN Code of Practice and the Equality Act 2010, we offer support for any pupil who is identified has having Special Educational Needs. Inclusion is about belonging, feeling happy and being valued within the school and wider community, irrespective of age, ability, ethnicity or social background. At Cardinal Allen we value all students as individuals with their own unique qualities. Within a nurturing and supportive environment we encourage growth, independence and self-belief, fully embracing the school's motto of 'Be All You Can Be'.

Broad and balanced curriculum

All students at Cardinal Allen are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum which both challenges and encourages their learning. For students in KS3, groups are created which contain smaller class sizes and allow students the opportunity to take part in the 'Nessy' software, which aids progress in literacy. Teaching Assistants support students throughout the school to enable them to access the National Curriculum and associated school activities. The department provides support for staff to enable them to differentiate tasks within lessons, removing barriers to learning and allowing all students to participate and make progress. In KS4, the Department offers 'Key Skills'.  Students complete Bronze, Silver and Gold ASDAN challenges which involves a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills and work independently. Key Workers are assigned to each year group to help and support students, promoting independence and ensuring a smooth transition from Cardinal Allen into further study and eventually adult life.

Working with parents, carers and families

All parents are informed if their child has an identified area of need and is on the Learning Support Register. This may result from information given during the Primary School Transition Meetings, or as a result of concerns raised by teachers, parents or the individual child. Parents and Carers are invited to take an active role in contributing to a pupil's Individual Education Plan in order to ensure that this important document accurately reflects a pupil's strengths and also areas where they need support. Parents of students with an Education and Health Care Plan or Statement of Educational Needs are invited to contribute to the Annual Review process. Parents and carers are encouraged to contact the Learning Support Department if they have specific support issues or concerns. Appointments can be made to discuss these issues, either individually or during Progress Evenings.

SENDCO: Miss C Smith
SENDCO: Mrs N Cardwell, SEND Support Manager
01253 872659 (Option 2 for Learning Support)