Pastoral Care

In line with our Catholic ethos we passionately believe that individuals flourish and achieve in an environment in which they feel safe and valued. We view all pupils as individuals and employ an extensive range of pastoral systems to address their specific needs. All staff at Cardinal Allen have a pastoral responsibility but the more formal structure comprises Form Tutors, Progress Leaders and Pastoral Assistants, the Senior Leadership Team, Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher. A fundamental aspect of the success of this system is the strong, mutual working relationships the school forges with parents and we openly invite parents to contact the relevant key staff with any issues of concern.

In addition to the Pastoral System, aspects of safety and well-being are covered in the curriculum, including bullying, online safety and human relationships. Although the school is progressive and visionary we are well aware of the detrimental effects of new technologies. Clear guidance and direction is frequently presented to pupils on the use, impact and dangers of new technologies and social media. This further enriches the well-being and safety of all our pupils. The overall effect of our celebrated pastoral care is to create an environment where pupil behaviour is widely acknowledged and where they are free to flourish whilst feeling safe and valued.

“Students feel very safe. The school is rigorous in keeping all students safe. Students are cared for very well.”

“The well-being of all students is as highly regarded as their academic success.”

“Students behave outstandingly well. They are courteous and polite, relate very well to each other and to adults and are very happy at school.”

Ofsted 2015

“Pupils are proud to belong to Cardinal Allen High School; they are greatly appreciative of all that the school provides and how it supports and nurtures them.”

“Care, guidance and support is outstanding with all pupils feeling valued and able to express themselves within a secure environment.”

Section 48 Inspection

YEAR 7 ~ Head of Lower School: Mrs J Olver-Duffy
7 AIDANMr J Bradley
7 AMBROSEMr K Walker
7 AUGUSTINEMiss L Holland
7 BEDEMiss L Roberts
7 COLUMBAMr I Horvath
7 GREGORYMrs J Pounds
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs J Carey
YEAR 8 ~ Head of Middle School: Mrs C Bateman
8 AIDANMr A Ball
8 AMBROSEMrs A Horan
8 AUGUSTINEMrs S Hodge & Miss N Ferguson
8 BEDEMr P Winrow
8 COLUMBAMrs R Brindle
8 GREGORYMiss L Roughsedge
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs J Walsh
YEAR 9 ~ Head of Middle School: Mrs C Bateman
9 AIDANMrs  C Orwin & Mrs H Moran
9 AMBROSEMr N Kerray
9 AUGUSTINEMrs J Patisso & Miss A Marsden
9 BEDEMrs F Swift
9 COLUMBAMrs N Eccles
9 GREGORYMr N Clayton
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs T Savage
YEAR 10 ~ Head of Upper School: Miss AM Brown
Assistant Head of Upper School: Mr E Robinson
10 AIDANMiss L Allen
10 AMBROSEMr J Winstanley
10 AUGUSTINEMrs J Glaister & Mr P Eccles
10 BEDEMrs S Simpson
10 COLUMBAMrs J McMahon
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs A Buchanan
YEAR 11 ~ Head of Upper School: Miss AM Brown
Assistant Head of Upper School: Mrs D Mayhew
11 AIDANMrs A Hilton
11 AMBROSEMrs N Snelling
11 AUGUSTINEMrs K Wilson
11 BEDEMiss R Winkley
11 GREGORYMiss K Mason
Pastoral Assistant: Mrs K Holme